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Below are a list of upcoming events for The Travelling Art Tent...

If you are interested in any of these events, please come along or email for more information:

O-Fest 2014

Tuesday 30th September 1.30 - 3.45pm
Lisburn Court, Offerton

As part of O-Fest in Offerton, the Travelling Art Tent will be sharing the art space with residents at Lisburn Court.


Brinnington Arts Festival 2014

Brinnington Arts FestivalFriday 28th March 10.00 - 4.00pm
First House, Brinnington

The Travelling Art Tent will be making an appearance at the Brinnington Arts Festival, just down the road from Bryn Haven.
The festival is a week-long celebration of local artistic talent and brings together some amazing art, music, theatre and craft at the heart of the Brinnington community

Older People's Art Workshop

Stockport Art GalleryFriday 14th March 2.00 - 4.00pm
Stockport Art Gallery, East Gallery

Drop-in art workshop for older people.
If you haven't picked up a pencil since school and are interested in being creative, or you consider yourself 'arty' already, come and have a go at art activities for the afternoon.
All guidance and materials provided, just turn up for 15 minutes or stay for the whole workshop!

Introduction to Working creatively with Older People

Stockport Art GalleryFriday 7th March 2.00pm
Stockport Art Gallery, East Gallery

Informal talk by artist Stacey Coughlin on the methodology behind The Travelling Art Tent project and ideas around working creatively with older people.
Suitable for anyone who works with or cares for older people.

Residential Homes 'Get-Together' Celebration

Stockport Art GalleryFriday 28th February 2.00 - 4.00pm
Stockport Art Gallery, East Gallery

Afternoon celebration event for all the residents, relatives, staff, friends etc. of the homes and organisations involved.

Travelling Art Tent at Arc Community Gallery

Arts for RecoverySaturday 25th January 12.00 - 4.00pm
Arts for Recovery, Reddish

The Travelling Art Tent will be briefly visiting the Community Art Gallery at Arc for one of their wonderful Saturday afternoon events.
There will be activities and, for those who won't be able to get to Stockport Art Gallery, a chance to see the Travelling Art Tent until 13th February.

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